Railway Typing Test Rules Railway Typing Test rules and pattern are explained below for candidates who will appear in the exam: RRBs conducts Railway typing test online RRB NTPC Typing Test is qualifying in nature. This means marks obtained in typing skill test will not be added for merit CThe evaluation of the passage typed by the candidate will be done as follows: The mistakes will be classified as full mistakes and half mistakes. 5% mistakes of the total words typed may be ignored. Accordingly, the total number of mistakes will be calculated as under: No. of full mistakes + (No. of half mistakes/2) = Total Mistakes Number of mistakes – 5% of total number of words typed = Final count of mistakes. The typing speed of the candidate will be worked out by the following formula:- Typing Speed= No. of total words typed – (Final count of mistake x 10)/Time For example: If a candidate types a total number of 400 words in 10 minutes and commits 10 final count of mistakes, his speed would be worked out as follows: [400-(10x10) ]/10 = 300/10 = 30 w.p.m The minimum speed should be 30 words per minute in English and 25 words per minute in Hindi

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